Seducing Their Mate (Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska, #1)

5677 stars
Kiera West

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Title Seducing Their Mate (Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska, #1)
Rating 5677 stars
Author Kiera West
Pages 97
Isbn NA
Review IMPORTANT NOTE: This book is Part 1 of 8 in the Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska series. A story will be released each month and they can be purchased at Siren Publishing. They are about 6 - 10 chapters each, and they need to be read in order to get the story in full.

Biologist/Veterinarian Eve MacMillan has obtained a hard-to-get grant to study the wolves on a legal Alaskan preserve controlled by the Dillon family. Aginst the wishes of her scientist parents, who had wanted Eve to be with them on their study in South America, she heads for Alaska to immerse herself in her passion, wolves.

Noah Dillon is the Alpha of the Dillon family and his pack. He knew from Eve's first phone conversation with him about studying the wolves on their land that she was likely his true mate, so he grants her a 1 year stay for her study. It has been 4 months since she arrived, and all eight of his brothers and cousins 'know' she is their mate, but Noah has yet to make a move on Eve to convince her that she is their mate. (WOW! Eight of them!)

Eve has been unaccountably attracted to Noah Dillon and his brothers and cousins (especially brother #2, Ethan) since she arrived. She comes from a cold, unloving family, and loves the fun and joking at the Dillon table when she is invited to dinner.

Just when Noah finally makes his move to romance Eve, wolves on their land start to die. They have been found dead and mutilated. The mystery: is this being done by the oil company trying to force the Dillons to allow drilling on their land, or by someone else? Noah feels that he has to hurry and get Eve under their protection as their mate, because he has a sense that something terrible is about to happen.

The downside I found in this menage was that the sex scenes seemed *way* too rushed and are very lacking in emotion and tenderness, as Eve is not very experienced. I have read a lot of menage books, and the scenes in this are really pretty non-descriptive, short, and just over-all, pretty lame. Everyone just jumps in, there is little foreplay, and Eve is too submissive and accepting of acts that generally don't come first in a relationship.

The one big **mistake** I found was in Chapter One (HORRORS!!). I consider this sort of lapse a *BIG MISTAKE*. Ethan is described as 'taller than Noah, he was leaner...' then 6 paragraphs later 'Ethan was about half and inch shorter...'. I found myself groaning because these sorts of mistakes really torc me off and to find one so significant in Chapter One is an indication that the author has some sort of problem going on (so does the editor, BTW) and the book is likely to be a frustrating read for me. However, that was all I found, thank goodness. Since this is an ebook, it could easily be fixed by the author.

This installment ends in an emotional, dramatic cliff-hanger, so you won't know what happens next unless you read Part 2 which is due out in March, 2011.

I enjoyed it very much overall because of the story (not the non-romance menage stuff), and will be getting the next installments as they are issued.


First off this is the 1st of 8 books. It is from Siren's newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. The books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and really should be read in the numbered order. The books may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.

Now that that's out of the way I have to say I can't wait for more. The menage is hot but not overwhelming or silly. The suspense/mystery of what was happening had me making a suspect list and thinking about motives. I really like the idea behind this series. The first book is like an introduction. Then each hero gets a book with the heroine (book 2-7). Then the conclusion.

With a book just about every month I'm really pleased. I don't have to wait very long for the next one.

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